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Rtn Prithvi Pal Singh
Past President2021-2022
Rtn Nitin Shah
Past President2020-2021
Rtn Aadesh Sikchi
Past President2019-2020
Rtn Anand Dhruv
Past President2018-2019
Rtn Rajeev Maniar
Past President2017-2018

Rtn Mahesh Aranke
Past President2014-2015
Rtn Amar Nair
Past President2013-2014
Rtn Premkumar S
Past President2012-2013
Rtn Rakesh Gupta
Past President2011-2012
Rtn Rakesh Bansal
Past President2010-2011

Rtn Vijay Adhikari
Past President2009-2010
Rtn Ajay Jhalani
Past President2008-2009
Rtn Miss Surekha Mhatre
Past President2007-2008
Rtn Anand Natarajan
Past President2006-2007
Rtn N H Vishwanathan
Past President2005-2006

Rtn Ashit Mallick
Past President2004-2005
Rtn S Manoharan
Past President2003-2004
Rtn Dr K S Aggarwal
Past President2002-2003
Rtn Dilip Ghosh
Past President2001-2002
Rtn Tilak S
Past President2000-2001

Rtn Vijay Subramanian
Past President1999-2000
Rtn Sriram Athri
Past President1998-1999
Rtn P V Kulkarni
Past President1997-1998
Rtn Advocate Paul I Poulose
Past President1996-1997
Rtn Prabhakar Ambike
Past President1995-1996

Rtn Rajesh Vaidya
Past President1994-1995
Rtn Dr Mohan Chitnis
Past President1993-1994
Rtn Bhishamkumar Gupta
Past President1992-1993
Rtn DrNandkishore Joshi
Past President1991-1992
Rtn Aditya Saxena
Past President1990-1991

Past President1988-1989
Rtn Sudhir Mathur
Past President1988-1989
Rtn Abdequaem Tyeby
Past President1987-1988
Rtn T J Laxmanan
Past President1986-1987
Rtn Ajithsingh Ahuluwallia
Past President1985-1986

Rtn Ramachandra
Past President1984-1985
Rtn Narayan Bagade
Past President1983-1984
Rtn Suresh Gogate
Past President1981-1982
Rtn Ashok Desai
Past President1980-1981
Rtn Deepak Thakker
Past President1979-1980

Rtn Dr Kalyan Ray
Past President1978-1979
Rtn Malcom Michigan
Past President1977-1978